MB Services has experience in several different types of building work which includes, House Development for contract or residential; a full range of home extensions; loft conversions; garage conversions and barn conversions.

We will undertake a project and manage it from start to finish, supplying all trades necessary to complete.

Examples of work we carry out are:

  • Garden Walls
  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Paving
  • Brick Fireplaces
  • Stone Fireplaces
  • Stone Paths & Steps


Sustainable timber worked by skilled craftspeople

Wood is still one of the most commonly used materials in building construction. Strong yet beautiful, wood is immensely versatile. It can be cut, shaped and joined in many combinations to build functional as well as decorative items.

We make sure that we maximise the use of the timber that we buy through careful design and craftsmanship. We even use the off cuts to make useful objects. And with the timber we make bespoke items of great value. Staircases to unique designs, individual windows and doors, wooden flooring, decorative balustrades and mouldings. We even design and make kitchen cabinetry ourselves, just to be sure that we can provide the exact style that our customers demand.

With MB Services you can be sure of the finest workmanship using sustainable materials to create pieces that will add value to your building for a very long time.